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KTR POLY Couplings

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KTR POLY Couplings

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Code: POLY
Brand: KTR

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a complete range of KTR POLY-NORM Couplings. Available in all models and sizes. Direct from stock for fast delivery.

KTR POLY is a torsionally-flexible, shear shaft coupling for general machinery. It is assembled by axially plugging the hubs into each other and has excellent dampening properties. Its unique features are the flexible elastomeric elements that are located in both coupling halves.


  • Torsionally flexible jaw coupling
  • Reduces vibration in power transmission
  • Axial plug-in for easy assembly
  • Maintenance free
  • Soft in bending

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Acoplamiento POLY PKZ

Poly Coupling PKZ

  • Intervalo operativo de - 40ºC a+120ºC
  • Compensación por desajustes en ejes axial, radial y angular
  • > li Utilización en maquinaria general
  • Protección contra explosiones calificados y confirmados de conformidad con la Directiva 94/0/EG
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PKD de acoplamiento POLY

Poly Coupling PKD

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Acoplamiento POLY PKA

Acoplamiento para desmontar

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KTR POLY Couplings

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. supply a complete range of KTR Jaw Couplings. Jaw Couplings are power transmitter couplings designed for both general purpose and motion control or servo applications.

Jaw couplings are made from two metallic hubs and an elastomer insert called a spider or an element. The three parts fit together with a jaw as each hub fits alternatively with the lobes of the spider. This design creates a flexible and secure connection that can transmit torque while dampening vibrations, protecting components from damage and compensating for any misalignment. When used with a stiff straight tooth elastomer, this design can also maintain a zero-backlash fit, making it an excellent option for motion control applications that rely on a stop-and-go movement to perform precision tasks.

KTR POLY Flexible Jaw Couplings provide a large amount of flexible elements. Its elastomer concept absorbs vibration and dissipates heat caused by torsional vibrations when compared to similar competitive couplings with elements only in one half.

Información Adicional

Información Adicional

Product Type Coupling
Brand KTR
Aplicaciones Industriales Chemical Pumps, High Pressure Pumps
Temperatura de Trabajo -30 to +80° C
Rango de Par 42 - 6,100 Nm
OEM Numbers
Pide Presupuesto

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