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Coremo Pneumatic SMART & CAB Brakes

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Coremo Pneumatic SMART & CAB Brakes

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Code: SMART & CAB Brakes
Brand: Coremo

Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. is an authorized UK distributor for Coremo Pneumatic Caliper Brakes. Available in various models and sizes delivered directly from stock. 

Coremo SMART & CAB Pneumatic Caliper Brakes are small and compact in design. Available in 6 different sizes. Excellent options for general industrial machinery, where high-performance, reliability and cost control are equally important.

SMART & CAB Features: 

  • Braking Force: 170 - 748 N @ 6 bar
  • Continuous Thermal Capacity: 0.37 - 1.9 Kw
  • 8 Disc Sizes Available
  • Options Listed Below

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Available Options:

A2961 - SMART 30

Coremo Pneumatic Brake SMART 30

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A3029 - SMART 42

Coremo Pneumatic Brake SMART 42

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A3032 - SMART 53

Coremo Pneumatic Brake SMART 53

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A3000 - SMART 64

Coremo Pneumatic Brake SMART 64

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A3054 - CAB 30

Coremo Pneumatic Brake CAB 30

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A2976 / A3058 - CAB 65 & 65.1

Coremo Pneumatic Brake CAB 65

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Coremo Pneumatic SMART & CAB Caliper Brakes

Información Adicional

Información Adicional

Product Type Brake
Brand Coremo
Documento PDF PDF Download Download
Método de Actuación Pneumático
Tipo de Actuación Activo
Fuerza de Frenado 170 - 748 N @ 6 bar
Tipo de Freno Pinza
Presión 6 bar
OEM Numbers
Pide Presupuesto

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